Field-to-plate dinners are an outstanding culinary experience, with chefs preparing dishes on-location using fresh, local ingredients. As aromatic dishes are served and paired with local wines, these dinners take a natural turn from ordinary meals to magical gatherings. The ambiance of the events is uncomplicated and lively conversations are initiated between strangers.

In the summer of 2013 Monet Vineyards hosted its first field-to-plate dinner. The event took place on the front terrace of the house, with white roses, lavender and climbing vines as backdrops. The dinner was spectacular, and everyone enjoyed the event.

As guests departed, they thanked us for opening our home and garden to them. I felt deeply moved by their appreciation.

Stay tuned for future field-to-plate dinner events at Monet Vineyards.

Interested in having Monet Vineyards host a farm-to-table event for you? Individuals, organizations and companies are beginning to serve field-to-plate dinners at celebratory occasions.

Let us help you host your private field-to-plate event. As a past grower, I can introduce you to the best local farmers, ranchers and vintners. We’d also be able to provide you with resources for event rentals.

If you are a chef searching for an ideal location to host your dinner, please contact us.